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Real world street combat and self defense lessons from Guruji

Franklin Joseph who has learnt from the best and have helped the top combat forces in the country.

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One of the best Self Defense against real crime is Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense in Bengaluru, Dharwad & Hubballi. Guru-ji Franklin Joseph is a Specialist & CEO of Indian Institute of Strategic Threat-Intelligence Analysis & Combat Tactical Science. Under this mother organisation, the Academy of Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense in Bengaluru teaches Israeli Military Krav Maga Reflex Action based Self Defense system which is to prevent, avoid & escape real crime. Here are some main points: 

# Men / Women /Kids Self Defense training
# Knife / Gun Family Protect / Anti-Robbery / Anti-Rape Capsule etc
# Fast-Track training for Doctors / Lawyers / Police / Military etc.
# Online or studio Weekend Training both are available
# Corporate Self Defense Workshops for Men & Women
# Corporate Neuro-Behavioural Reprogramming Crisis Management Workshop
# Anti-Sexual Harassment Strategic Management Workshop
# 3 Days School / College Instructor/Mentor Program for Girls
# 3-5 days Krav Maga Instructor Course
# 3-5 Days Private Krav Maga Diploma (Dharwad/Your City) Course


We teach both Psychological Skills to Prevent, Avoid & Escape Known Threats and very easy to learn Krav Maga Reflex action Based Tactical Solution to Escape possible weapon based assaults.

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Mobile 9886769281

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