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2024 fitness strategy for beginners

We have advanced in developing fitness methods esp. for the intermediate and the advanced trainees. There is umpteen research on muscle growth, sport specific training, CrossFit, joint health and nutrition. But, with this onset of huge information inflow over the internet and millions of influencers, poor beginners who wish to make a change really don't know where to start and how to continue.

As coaches, it is our responsibility to provide the most useful information to all those starting out with this life changing journey and make things easier for them to follow through.

Having experience with so many training programs based on multiple life goals and training a diversified clientele, I've come up with the 2024 fitness strategy for beginners called the "2024 fitness pyramid" that can help beginners understand the basic logic behind fitness and proceed from this starting point.

  1. Goals : Before you start out with anything in life, you have to know where you wish to end up. Any business, any job or any relationship should have a clear vision for you. Same applies to fitness. Kudos to you for choosing this amazing path to change your life and of those around you, but you have to give yourself time to think clearly as to where you wish to see yourself an year, five years or ten years down the road through fitness. In fact, this step is the base of everything! When any person starts to work with me, our first call is solely based on a discussion over goals - fitness goals that also align with life goals, because when life comes in your way, the clear picture of your end goal will help you move forward no matter what.

  2. Energy balance/Calories : Almost all the nutrition gurus out there will share their opinion on stuff that won't matter much - things like seed oils, sugar, carbs, fasting and blah blah. You will hardly find any influencer talking about the importance of tracking calories to gain or lose weight. Want to know why? Because this makes a person accountable and they will have to eat according to their own goals which means they will be under control of their results and also this is way too easy to understand! Thus, many people don't like it. There is no magic in this and no "wow" factor that can get likes on Instagram. How difficult it is to understand that to lose weight you need to eat less than you burn and vice versa to gain weight. More than 80% of your job is done if you eat as per your goals. Skinny and wish to gain quality weight? Do resistance training and eat more than you burn. Overweight and wish to lose it? Resistance train and eat less than you burn.

  3. Training/Workout : You might have seen movie actors talking about their fitness routines and regularly mentioning the role of nutrition being as importance as 90% of your overall results. Well there is some truth that you cannot out-train a poor diet, but you have to understand that there should be an equal emphasis on training and rest as well. That stud looking movie star is emphasizing nutrition so much because his coach has done all his training related programming and calculations and therefore it is too easy for him to follow. Truth is that you need a basic workout program, one that includes all basic movements that train the whole body in a progressive manner (you should get stronger with each workout).

  4. Consistency : In the above pyramid, consistency is shown in the end as the largest piece of the pyramid and that is where it should always be! One needs to eat and train "consistently" for months and years together to make real changes to their bodies and their mindset. Following a training routine on and off will ensure that you reach nowhere in this journey and you might as well invest time somewhere else. Hence, consistency is the larger base standing there along with your goals and above which all other things make sense.

  5. Supplements : When you adapt to points 1-4 and have been consistently training and eating well for months and years, supplements chosen according to your recent full body test/blood test and general training requirements will help you gain another 4-5% over and above progressive resistance training, cardio training and proper nutrition.

When life comes in your way, the clear picture of your end goal will help you move forward no matter what.

Therefore, the journey is simple:

  • Understand and write your end goal

  • Train hard using basic exercises and get stronger over time

  • Eat as per your end goal

  • Do the above consistently for years

  • Supplement for that extra 5%

  • Change your life!

Personally, I am happy that you decided to pursue fitness in the new year and I challenge you to start keeping this pyramid in mind which can solidify your fitness base and open many possibilities in front of you to conquer the world.

Happy new year!

More Strength!

Be the Outlaw!



Thank you for reading this article, hope it added some value to you.

I am Vidhu Mahana, a dual certified Strength and Nutrition coach. You can connect me on my Instagram to stay up to date with the latest fitness related content, myth busting, strength training, cardiovascular training and group challenges - @outlaw_lift .

I am also an avid traveler and you can stay connected with me in all my travel journeys - @outlaw_wander


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