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Strength & Nutrition : Simple is the actual way!

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With the huge inflow of information on social media where the algorithm manipulates people into sharing content that must be engaging and that must stand out, people have found ways to create "sensational" content by cherry picking evidence and personal observations. This has attracted people towards minor things ignoring the majors when it comes to overall fitness.

You might have frequently read and heard phrases like - "Carnivore diet", "OMAD (One meal a day)", "Intermittent fasting", "Vegan diet", "Low carb keto diet", "Artificial sweeteners", "Gut microbiome", "L-carnitine" and what not!

What happens with this strong focus on minors is that these influencers lure you into following "their way" and have you completely ignore the basics. The result - you keep going back to them for some magic recipe for good health, whereas, sadly the truth might be lying in simpler, much known things through common sense and realizing that simple is the actual way.

Strength training:

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Most of you would want a good looking and a healthy physique, yet pull all your screws out online just to find that magic recipe to build muscle - The "Best program" that can make you jacked and muscular. For women, it could be a "toned" body which by the way is simply losing fat and building muscle. Influencers online market "toning" in some sort of a magical form - "Do 5 sets of an exercise with 20-25 repetitions per set" or "High reps tone your muscles or help you lose fat". Give me a break guys! Seriously?!

The basic and primary concept of muscle building is progressive overload - doing more than what you did the last time on that same exercise. This could be either heavier weight, higher number of reps or a better exercise form or technique as compared to how you performed last time.

Progressive overload first, then think about toning or muscle striations (in casual language called "cuts").

By the way, toned and shredded looks have more to do with nutrition than strength training. Sorry to burst the bubble :P.

Progressive overload first, then think about toning or muscle striations.


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This field has probably been on top of the list with hottest topics causing debates everywhere, esp. with people looking for weight loss. To lose few pounds, you will throw your eyes around the internet looking for an affordable, perfect recipe to help you reach your goals in the least amount of time and at your own convenience. Simply WOW! Nothing could get better right?

Well, this exactly why anybody could lure you into their magic tricks convincing you that following their method for 30 days or 45 days you will lose weight maybe through fasting or keto or some weird herbal meal replacement shake. Heck, some mobile apps and gym chains may even ask you to simply "move" and lose weight.

Sure, you might lose some weight, but what happens after that program is over? You paid a few rupees to that coach and now you have no such plan with you to maintain this new lower weight. What happens with most of you is that you gain all that weight back in a few days feeling confused again and enrolling in that same program again. Can't you see who is benefitting from this behavior?

Same goes with uber Nazis of health and nutrition who throw a lab coat online trying to convince us really hard that they are some learned individual and one must listen to their sure shot way towards good health. Those are the ones shaming bread, sugar, sodas and even oats and vegetables these days. Seriously, where should the common public go? For carnivore zealots, vegans are hopeless and vice versa and this battle confuses us and creates an environment of uncertainty and deficiency of some magic information that the poor us lack.

To lose weight, where your focus must go first and forehand is the energy balance : food in vs food out or calories in vs calories out. If you eat more than you burn, you will never lose weight even if you eat the world's healthiest foods, period! So, you need to dial in this inequation first before asking yourself which diet plan and eating pattern you must follow to "continue" losing weight or maintaining weight for the long haul.

If you eat more than you burn, you will never lose weight even if you eat the world's healthiest foods, period!

Results are in the work you avoid doing! Progressive overload and energy balance are simple concepts but these aren't sensational things that cause a lot of "engagement" online. However, these are the ones that produce all the results. Rest is simply icing on the large cake.

More Strength!

Be the Outlaw!



Thank you for reading this article, I hope it added some value to you and made you think in a positive direction.

I am Vidhu Mahana, a dual certified Strength and Nutrition Coach and an avid Traveler. If you wish to be a part of my fitness and travel journeys, do connect with me on Instagram through my below handles:


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